KONAD Singapore

KONAD Singapore

KONAD Stamping Nail Art   lets you create salon looking nail art in seconds, save time and money..

KONAD Iloje Flobu and niju Cosmetic   based on natural plant extract and valuable materials derived from truly natural sources...

KONAD Stamping Nail Art   is the most amazing inventions in the beauty industry history. It lets you decorate your nails with nail art designs easily and quickly with professional results. Anybody can have salon looking nail art designs by stamping pre-designed images at home in seconds. Endless designs creativity with our expanding range of designs(image plate) and colours(special polish).

KONAD Iloje Flobu and niju Cosmetic   are made based on natural plant extracts and valuable materials derived from truly natural resources. And our highly experienced chemist create cosmetics of the best quality based on harmony of science and nature. We focus on the highest and purest quality available on the world market, and our quality compares very well with many top brands. Everybody who uses our cosmetics loves it quality.

Pamper your nails with a Konadicure !